Why is it so much like High School again

            Ok so it started on Thursday the 11th. My boss was telling us that we would be having a meeting on Friday night about 9pm when there is nothing going on at work. I told her that I would not be able to because I was going to be going out of town and would not be back until Sunday night about 8-9ish. She said that they would change it and have it on Sunday night but that I would have to be here at 6.  So I said that would be fine, and we could come back a little bit early.

So I did not have to work on Friday and that was way nice. But I was on the computer paying bills when I get a text form one of the girls that I work with. She wants to know what is going on and why I am not happy with her. (This is all high school crap that goes on here) So I tell her that if she wants to talk then she will need to talk to me online. (For a few reasons 1. so that I can keep paying bills and 2 so that I have a copy of what was said). So she gets on and we start talking. I have found some IM conversations that did not make me very happy. They were from 2 of the girls that I work with and they were talking about me and talking about my family and the way I work. I was extremely pissed that they would talk about me behind my back. So I talked to this girl for about 30ish min, I told her about the IM’s that I found and how upset I was, she got mad at me for even looking at them. But what she does not get is I did a search for my name and found it, I did not log in to any ones IM, I found my name so I started to read it. So she said that she does not have a problem with me and that I needed to talk to the other girls about it. Well I has talked to one of the other girls the day before, and she told me that she had no problem with me. They just keep going around and around and it is getting old.


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