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These are old but I am updating this…

It has been a long time since I was able to post anything… I am out of the hospital and am doing much better… This is what happened!

On Tuesday morning (1-15-08), my sister and her husband were on the way to work (about 6:45), when they had a tire blow. BIL (Brother-In-Law) was driving and my sister said that he was doing a good job keeping control of the car. They hit a bump and started to spin. They spun three times, then hitting the left guardrail on the passenger side facing backwards. Then they hitting an SUV and it flipped onto its roof, and came to a stop facing the wrong direction. The car was in way bad shape and it had no bumpers any more. The person in the SUV was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. They told my sister that the other lady had some bumps and was emotionally distressed.  My mom picked up my sister and BIL and took them to the hospital because BIL was not doing to good.    I got a call about 9:16 form my sister on my mom cell, telling me what had happened. Andy had the car that day so I called him and had him come and got me from work, he got to my work about 10:30 and we went over to the hospital. We sat in the ER waiting room for about 45 min, and then my mom came out to tell us that we did not know what was going on yet. Then she went back and my sister came out. Andy left to go back to work. My sister and I sat for about 20ish min then went back in and asked my mom to come out and talk to me. I was hurting extremely bad. I told my mom that I needed to go home and could not sit any more. Mom and I went in the back in to the room that they had my BIL in. They were getting ready to let him out. I was standing by the door and I started to get sick and dizzy. I sat next to my sister and she said that I was getting pale. My BIL was released and as he was walking to the door I passed out and fell out of the chair that I was sitting in. My sister and some other people (ER people) stopped me from falling on the floor and hitting my head. My BIL started to get light headed… They put me in to the bed that he had been in and started an IV. (I don’t remember much of this, but my mom, sister and my husband tell me what happened.) As all of this with me was going on my BIL had a seizure. (This I do remember) He got all red in his face and he got stiff muscles and he was violently shaking. So they got him a new room and re-admitted him. 

My mom and sister keep trying to call Andy so that he could come back to the hospital. They had to call him about 10ish times… He finally got there right as they came in to do some vitals. They said that they needed to take my vitals in a 3 step process… first I had to lay flat, then they had to sit me up straight, then the last one would be me standing… So we did the first one and my vitals we fine, no problems, then I had to sit up, (as I was going that one Andy came in, I started to cry (I was happy to see him)) when I did the sitting up part my vitals dropped and it was not good. Then the RN said that I had to do one standing up. I needed help standing. Andy had to stand on one side of me and the RN on the other. I was standing for about 30 sec and passed out again. The RN keeps trying to be able to get my vitals but was unable to and so he and Andy put me back on the bed. It took me a min to wake back up. After I woke up the DR. came in and told us that the pregnancy test came back and sadly I was not pregnant… but on a good note that meant I was not miscarrying and it’s not an eptopic pregnancy… So that part was good. But they could not find out what was wrong with me, and I was still in so much pain and just passing out the DR. did not know what to do so they went back and did more test… They had to do an ultrasound. I was taken to the US room and the RN that was in there was not a nice girl… She tried to have me get undressed myself.. HELLO I just passed out when I tried to stand… I can’t get undressed myself!!!  So then they did it and I was taken back to my room… About an hour later the results that came back normal… Again a good thing because that meant it is not a cyst or growth on anything. So that was good… So they tried to do my vitals again and this time if I was ok standing then I could go home… So they did it again and I got to go home!!! I was excited…  Andy and my mom helped me in to the car and I went home. I laid in bed for about 3 days… that was so nice and it helped me to get better. The DR said that the reason that I passed out was because I was way too stressed and did not have enough fluid… So on Wednesday I called IS to let them know that I would not be coming back. My boss was such a brat to me that made it that much easier to not go back at all… So now it has been almost 2 weeks and I am doing so so much better. I am still having a hard time with the place that the IV was put in but I can use my left hand again….

My BIL is doing much better, Andy and I spent a lot of time with him and my sister yesterday and it was a lot of fun. I am happy that they are doing ok now also… They got info about the car and they will not be able to drive it again. They will be taking it to the wrecking yard sometime this week… They are in need of a new car so if anyone knows of one please let me know!!!