March 15, 2008

Current mood: bitchy
Category: Blogging

So I just wrote a long update and then ran to get the phone… when I got back to the computer it died and I lost everything that I had just done… here we go with another one…

I have gotten a new job with my sister… It is so much better than the job I had before I went in to the hospital in January. The people are better, the job is so much more fun, people are so much more open and nicer and they are such a great company and I know that I will still have a job in a few years down the road. I am hoping to move up in the company and I know that I will have a chance with this company. I am also hoping to lose some weight with the new job because I will be walking around the building many times a day.

Andy is now in school, he started last Monday and he is loving it… this last week has been such a crazy week for us… Andy started school on Monday, then Tuesday they took the day off for some church stuff. Then on Wednsday Andy had to go to the DR. They had to do a vision test on him and he did great on that one (I played around when they did his and did one on myself… I sucked at it) Then they did a hearing test, they lady waled about 20 feet away form him, then turned around and then covered her mouth and said somthing… I could not hear it very good, but then they had him turn around and she said something else… again I could not hear her… I am so glad that I did not take the test I would not have passed… we are lucky that Andy did pass… Then they took his blood presser, it was 164 over 103… yea yea yea we know it is way bad… the thing was the lady that was taking it was using a coof that was way to small for him, They told him that he did not pass and that they would do the dr part of the test then come and try the blood presser agian and hope that it was under 140 over 90 and then he would pass. They did all of the test with the dr then the lady had Andy laydown to get his blood presser down, then she came back in to take it and Andy was almost asleep so they did it again, they took it and it was 138/89… he just passed it…

Then on Thursday Andy went to the DMV to take the test to get his permit for the CDL and he was told that he did not have a lince. It had been taken away becausse of a tecket that he received back in March of 07. See when he got the ticket, we called every week for about 2 months trying to find out how much it would be and what we needed to do to get it taken care of… and every time we called they said there was no ticket and we did not need to do any thing about it. Then about December I called the insurance company that we had to change our rates, I even asked them if they see a ticket in his name and they said no, that it was clean and we could get a discount on the insurance. So we just forgot about the ticket (by December it had been9 months since he got it), we still had the ticket in the glove box, Andy got the ticket and called them to find out what we needed to do to get it taken care of. We had to pay almost $300 just for the ticket, so Andy took all the money that we had saved up to get the truck fixed and used it to pay the ticket. Then he had to have some papers faxed to us, so Andy had them sent to me…. I got them then took them to him when I got off work, then on Friday Andy had to go back to the DMV and have them reinstat his linces. That was another $40… Then he had to take his test to see if he could have a CDL permit. He did pass it (thank you to everyone that helped him study or helpe pray about all of this to work out). Then he called his teacher and he told him to take the weekend off.. so he did… How I am sitting here working on bills…. I have such a head ack it is not even funny….

Oh and then we are having to go to court on 3/24 because of that crazy LL lady that we used to have… It is not going to be fun at all. I wish she would just give up on us…

So yea that is what is going on with us… So much stress its not even funny. So yea that is what is going on with us…


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