March 21, 2008

Current mood: frustrated
Category: Life

So much is goin on with us right now…. Andy is just about done with his school stuff, I am in a new job (I like it but I dont like one of the people that I have to work with and that is way hard), We have to go to court on Monday for that crappy LL stuff all the way back form June 07… The crazy lady is back and now we have to go to court and tell the judge that she is crazy… I am so not a fan of her….. but yea…. Andy should be starting his new job with in the next 2-3 weeks just depending on when they get a truck for him and when they get his route put together… it is going to be way hard because he is going to be on the road for 10ish days and then come home for only like 2or 3… It will be hard for us for the first year or so but they say that it will get better after that and he will not have to due runs for that long…  then it should be like 3-4 gone and 3-4 home and so on… that will be so so so much nicer… but yea… I just needed to complan and type….


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