March 24, 2008

Today is the day…
Current mood: determined

Today is the day that we have to go to court… it is going to be a long day but we are going to go in there and stat the truth and how we feel and what happened and we hope that it will all work out… We do have an idea of somthing that may help us to get out of there with out paying a tone that we dont really owu. I will let you all know how it went after it is all done… I am hopping to be to work by 12 today…. Please say a pray for us!!!!



Wast of time….

That court thing today…. yea it was a wast of time. We did nothing but set another date for us to go back… this on is now April 21st. Another date and time that I will have to take off work to go and fight with her… If she evens comes, yea she was not even here for us to talk about things. “She had to go to work” what ever… She is crazy…. We told the attorny that we would give her $181.00 today, he said no and just keep saying “she has more time put in to this” yea yea so do we but if she would have not gon crazy then we would have been more than happy to work things out with her more.  So yea thats what happened.. not a thing….

PS. Good luck April (You know what I’m talking about)


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