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Today…Hmm…I dont know…

So I was today. I was in such a good mood today when I got in to work. I had a nice ride in to work, I had a nice time sitting and talking to Andy when we were waiting for Selo and Mini to meet us… then I get in to work and I hear crap talking, FIRST THING I HEAR IS THIS. I now it has put in an unhappy mood…

I like my job for the most part but I dont like the way NO ONE (but me and 2 other people) have any respect for any one else… it just sucks!!!


He is home.

Andy came home yesterday… I am so happy to have him home. It was hard being away form him last week, but it was way nice to see him get out of the car! His mom was laughing at us because we were so excited to see each other.

Andy started working at his new job today… it was boring but on most first days you dont really do much but paper work… he did find out that eh wil be able to get the Sunday ticket for free if he is still working there when it starts. That will be so cool because he LOVES football, if you know him you know how much he love’s it. He normaly goes over to his uncles for the games on Sunday, but if we have it at our house, then he will ever need to go over there to warch it! That would be great for me then I would get to spend more time with my husband at home when football season is going.

After I picked Andy up form being with his mom yesterday, we went to a family get-together-in-the-park. It was fun to spend time with the family. “T” is getting out of “The House of Hope” today some time. That is great for her, she will be back home with “D” and “lil t”. We are all praying for her to be able to stay clean. “D,A & J” are doing good. They are such a cute family. “A,J,C,M&A” are doing good.  E,T,A,M &J, they are doing great, J ran up to Andy right when we got there. He was so cute, when he was running he keep saying “anny anny anny” He cant really say AnDy yet.. But its way cute still.

So it has been nice having him home with me. When we got in bed, I looked at him and said “this is diffarent” and we both laughed. I love you baby and I am so happy to have you home!

“In God We Trust” is True

“In God We Trust” is True

It’s true- check it out on Snopes. And I am completely in favor of this one.

The email I received:

LET’S DO IT!!!!!

You may have heard in the news that the Post Office has been forced to take down small posters that say ‘ IN GOD WE TRUST ‘

The law, they say, is being violated.

Anyway, I heard proposed on a radio station show, that we should all write ‘ IN GOD WE TRUST ‘ on the back of all our mail…after all, that is our national motto and it’s on all of the money we use to buy those stamps. I think it’s a wonderful idea.

We must take back our nation from all the people who think that anything that offends them should be removed.

If you like this idea, please pass it on. It has been reported that 86% of Americans believe in God. Therefore, I have! a very hard time understanding why there is such a mess about having ‘ In God We Trust’ on our money and having God in the pledge of Allegiance.

Could it be that WE just need to take a ction and tell the 14% to sit down and shut up?

If you agree, pass this on again, if not delete.

Less than 35 hours left

I have less than 35 hours until Andy will be home. I am so happy to see him. This week the days have been going so slow, but they week went by way fast… that is crazy how it works some times. I am so happy to have him come home. He has been having a hard time being out there, I understand why. He has not really been able to do anything out there. He was going to be working for his dad but his dad did not really have anything for him to be doing until Thursday, but then he only needed him for about 5ish hours. His dad will stil be paying him for the amount they talked about before he went up there so that is good and it will help out. (it will pay the phone bill and part of the cable bill)…


I love you baby and I miss you… see you sooon….


Last night I went to the movies with my mom her husband, my sister and her husband (yeah i’m a loner). We went and watched “21”, it was way good. I really liked it. It was a good story line, and it really makes me think about what people would do for money… We are having such a hard time with money right now becaus Andy is not working right now. We would never do anything like that just to get money…

Some people would strip, some people would gamble, some people would still, people do crazy things like that… I dont get why any one would ever do stuped things like that, just to get money…


I will be updating my blogroll with in the next few days, I have some great sites that I would love to have everyone take a look at!



If you would like to be on my blogroll, please let me know and I will take a look at your site!

He has been gone for 3 days now…

Andy has been gone for 3 days now… I am going very good, I thought that I would not be able to stand it after the first day… I did have to go to court by my self yesterday and that sucked way bad.  I was sitting there a by my self. It was scary, but I did what the judge told me to, I showed him what I needed to, but I was not able to understad what was going on. It was hard for me to understand all of the lingo that they were using.  She lied to the judge and he bought it. She lied about pictures, she lied about damage, she lied about things she had said… she lied about alot. But then she was able to add more money to the request that she was making. I walked in there knowing that I may have to pay her about $600.00. I walked out and now we have to pay over $2000.00… How crazy is that. She got to add on $1400.00 worth of crap. I wish that they would have explained it to me as I asked, I do understand that the judge was not there to be on my side, but I wish that he would have been able to help me some more.

It was hard that Andy was not able to be there with me but uderstand. I love Andy and I am so happy that he is woking on getting a job and is working on earning money. He is the best husband I could have ever asked for.


I went to court today, and we lost. She is getting over $2000.00 from us. I am having a hard time with it. I wish that I would have been able to stand up for my self. I wish that I would have been better prepared.. I have so many wish and what ifs going on right now. . .


I am unhappy right now. I just want to stay in bed…………….