April 2, 2008

What did I do so wrong?…
Current mood: confused

Oh yea, it was not me it was Cheryl. She is that crazy bitch that made me lose my job. I worked so hard for them and I dont understand how they could not see that. I was getting along GREAT with just about every person there… I was even getting along better with Cheryl. I just dont understand. I did really like working there, it is such a great company to work for. It is almost not even real to me right now. I was told at 5 today that they did not need me any more… Every time I would walk past Lorie or Jill they would not talk to me or smile at me today. It bugged me but I did not say anthing because that is like and every day thing. There is another part of the company that I did aks if I could be looked at for. They said that they would not be able to look in to it until next week. So I will have to call them back next week and see if they would like me to start on that part.  I am kinda hoping that they will want to me to do that. I get along great with the other girls that i would be working with and I would not have to see or talk to Cherly at alll. that would be almost the best part!!!!  I am just going on and on about the same thing….


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