Today has been hard

Today has been kinda hard. Andy and I went to lunch with his family today for his grandmas birthday… I love being with his family, but Andy had to say goodbye to everyone because he will not be around for a long time. I wanted to just cry, he will be leaving on Thursday and he will be done for about 2 weeks, then back for about 1-2 days and then gone again… it will be like that for about a year… it is just not fun… 


I found this on my sisters page… and I think that I will be doing it when ever they have one come up…

  1. Nutritious :: food
  2. Graduate :: Teresa 
  3. Tonight! :: last Sunday
  4. Located :: home
  5. Weapon :: soone
  6. Jumper :: birthday party
  7. Collectibles :: picture frames
  8. Dennis :: mom
  9. Hostile :: i done know
  10. Vivid :: memories

She got this from Unconscious Mutterings… take a look at it they have some good stuff.


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