Today was a good and bad day…

I sarted my new job today. It was quite… hmmm… yea… not what I was thinking it was going to be. I was learning about what my job would be. Going from person to person, then they gave me a desk… that was nice, then I found out that I had to use a labtop insted of a desk top, that was kinda crazy to me but it was cool. Then they brought me over a monitor, so I had a labtop and a monitor… so I had my BIL come over and make it so that I could us them both, so now I have 2 monitors and it is way cool…

Then I get a text from my husband… They sent him home form work today… I got kinda scared, why would they send him home, well, he is unable to stand to 10 sec on one foot. Now I dont understand why you have to stand on one foot to drive a truck but thats what they told him. So he had to go home. He will now be looking for a new job, this sucks…. we are not going to be able to make it through the month if he does not have a job. He is having such a hard day, he is trying to hard and nothing is turning out for him. I wish that i know somthing to do to help him feel better. I love him so so much and wish that he was happy. . .


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