Today was hard…. and now I dont know

Today was a hard day…. I dont know what he did all day. All I know is I got off work early to come home and help him and spend time with him and try to help him. When I got home I sat on the couch and started to “try” and talk to him, he got bitchie with me and then I started to cry. I could not hold it together any more. I went in to the bedroom and locked the door and just lost it I even took off my rings and set them on his side of the be. Then I decided that I could not just sit there and cry I needed to find something to help me feel better, So I got my quad and I went outside (It was rainging way bad) and I went in to the little shead that we have and I cryed and read it… I read about how god made the earth and how he made man and woman and how Adam and Eve were together in the hard times and the good times… I some how fell asleep. I woke up and came in the house like an hour or so later…. I went in the bedroom again and got in bed because I was so so cold. The next thing I know it is 10:45pm, I am wake up cus I have to pee…. I’m up now, I went to the bathroom then I went to find my purs to get my phone to plug it in and set the alarm for work… my purs was not in the same place I put it when I got home… He moved it to the kitchen… and my phone is not in it… I dont know where it is and he is asleep and I cant aske him….He never tried to say anything to me, he never came to see if I was ok… he never even tired… that hurts…


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