The Weekend…

This weekend was a very long weekend… It all started Friday at work when we had one of the techs go to the hospital. It was not a good day… Brian we hope you are doing better!!! 

Andy and I drove up to his parents. They live in Lyman, UT. They are like 3 hours away form our house. We love going there. We always have so much fun and his mom makes such good food. It was kinda funny… every time something funny or cool or crazy happened, I said “ I am so going to blog about this” and now I cant remember everything I was going to blog about….

 On Saturday morning about 7 Andy’s alarm went off… I knew what that ment… FISHING…. He loves going fishing with his dad. So they went fishing and they took Callie with them.


Andy loves her. She is so so funny. Andy and his dad were out fishing and Mom, Teresa and I were at home hanging out. About 1:15 Andy and dad got home from fishing. They both got 2 each. So Mom cooked them for lunch. I do not like fish at all…. So I did not eat them.

About 1:45 Teresa left for work and Mom and I left for the store. We were at the store, walking around. We saw this lady that had 3 carts full of food… like not a little bit but way way full, to the point that stuff was falling out… Then as we were leaving (I wish I had my camera for this one…) There was a guy with 2 daughters about 4 or so getting on his 4wheeler… yea a 4wheeler, is that crazy to any one else but me?

So we go home and Dad decides that he wanted to take a drive so we went to Capital Reef. That is the place that Andy and I got engaged back in May of 2006.


Then we drove down in to the park they have there and there were so may dear… they were so pretty and we got way near them.  Andy is big in to hunting and so it was fun for him and his dad to see the dear and be able to almost touch them.


It was so great for me to see how happy he was. We go home and then dad and Andy go fishing again…

Then Sunday morning we went to church. After church Teresa wanted to go to Capitl Reef because she did nto get to go on Saturday. So we went back. This time we decided to kinda hike. That was so much fun.



We found a new place that we had never been to before. Then on the way back there was some cows in the middle of the road… we had to stop so that we would not hit them. We have had to stop do deer before but I have never had to stop for some cows… 



It was so much fun spending time with the family. It is going to be so hard when Andy is gone but I am excited to be able to spend so much time with the rest of my family!!!


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