Today was another day…

I had to stay home from work today because my eyes were hurrting way bad… It was not fun having to stay home when we are in so much need of money to even make some of the bills this month. I will try and work alot of hours the rest of the week. I am thinking about going in at 8 and then staying until 7ish or so each night… I dont know yet what I will do but I will find something.  We tried to call the bishop today to see when we could get with him to get some help and he is out of town until Saturday, not good for us. But we do have a meeting with him on Sunday at 12:30. I am hoping that he will be able to help Andy and I get some what on our feet and some what able to make our bills this month. Andy will be going to an interview tomorrow, we are almost positive that he will have the job, we are just hoping that he will be able to make about what he was before if not more. Then next month we may be able to get back to having everything on time and paid in full… He will still be looking for a trucking job. (***if any one knows of one that does not make you stand on one foot please let us know***) He has his CDL but is not able to use it until he gets a job. We also have to come up with some money to pay his school that he got it from. Swift was going to pay it but yea they did not. So we keep getting ready for Andy to leave and then nothing happenes but they send him home and say they cant have him work for them… This just sucks……………..


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