So yesterday my sister asked if my husband and I wanted to go out of town with her and Selo… We have been talking about doing it for some time now and I would love to go… My mom and her husband are part of a kinda like Time Share thingy…  It is called WorldMark by Wyndham. My husband and I went to one of the classes that they had and we loved it… We signed up to do it. The one that we got we can not use until September ’08, and thats fine because that is when our Anniversary is. 

So back to yesterday…. Mini asked if we wanted to go this weekend (and use my moms memberhsip). We would not have to pay anything (good think, we have no money), I told her that I would have to talk to Andy and then get back to her.  We would leave on Friday after work and then come home on Sunday some time… the only problem is I was planing on working on Saturday to make up for Tuesday and also to get some OT, and then Sunday we have a meeting with the bishop… So I told her that we could not go this week, we should go next week. They have a meeting next week and dont think they can do it then… So now we are going around and around trying to find a time to be able to go to a nice weekend with no stress and it is stressing me out. Andy and I really really need time away and Mini and Selo could use time away also. So one of the next few weekends (like next month) we will be able to do it YEA…


3 thoughts on “04/17/08

  1. I’m still working on it. I am so ready to go somewhere and just relax! Life is crazy, and it’s making me crazy with it. What weekend are thinking about?

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