He has been gone for 3 days now…

Andy has been gone for 3 days now… I am going very good, I thought that I would not be able to stand it after the first day… I did have to go to court by my self yesterday and that sucked way bad.  I was sitting there a by my self. It was scary, but I did what the judge told me to, I showed him what I needed to, but I was not able to understad what was going on. It was hard for me to understand all of the lingo that they were using.  She lied to the judge and he bought it. She lied about pictures, she lied about damage, she lied about things she had said… she lied about alot. But then she was able to add more money to the request that she was making. I walked in there knowing that I may have to pay her about $600.00. I walked out and now we have to pay over $2000.00… How crazy is that. She got to add on $1400.00 worth of crap. I wish that they would have explained it to me as I asked, I do understand that the judge was not there to be on my side, but I wish that he would have been able to help me some more.

It was hard that Andy was not able to be there with me but uderstand. I love Andy and I am so happy that he is woking on getting a job and is working on earning money. He is the best husband I could have ever asked for.


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