Big brother 9

The last BB9 will be on tomorrow!!!! guess what, I dont even get to see it… but its all good, Andy will be coming home and I will get to spend time with him and thats better than any BB ever.


2 thoughts on “Big brother 9

  1. Hi Beka,sorry for took long to reply your question as we just got back from holiday in your nice country. I can only suggest you as I’ve done it too that don’t forget to tag each post you’ve made from the tag cloud in wordpress. See the tag could on right side when you in wordpress page as well as when you sign in your wordpress account,just choose one (or more as you wish for) of the tag cloud which related to your post. Other way is you can go to spicypage to post your url as it’s a place for people to announce their url or webpage or blogs. Good luck for try out and let me know when it start work for your blog. (you don’t need to approve my comment this time) but it’s all up to you :o) Cheers

  2. Oopps….it’s automatic approved 😳 Sorry but you can still delete it….Have a great time with your beloved Andy…none is better than be with your loves one 😉

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