He is home.

Andy came home yesterday… I am so happy to have him home. It was hard being away form him last week, but it was way nice to see him get out of the car! His mom was laughing at us because we were so excited to see each other.

Andy started working at his new job today… it was boring but on most first days you dont really do much but paper work… he did find out that eh wil be able to get the Sunday ticket for free if he is still working there when it starts. That will be so cool because he LOVES football, if you know him you know how much he love’s it. He normaly goes over to his uncles for the games on Sunday, but if we have it at our house, then he will ever need to go over there to warch it! That would be great for me then I would get to spend more time with my husband at home when football season is going.

After I picked Andy up form being with his mom yesterday, we went to a family get-together-in-the-park. It was fun to spend time with the family. “T” is getting out of “The House of Hope” today some time. That is great for her, she will be back home with “D” and “lil t”. We are all praying for her to be able to stay clean. “D,A & J” are doing good. They are such a cute family. “A,J,C,M&A” are doing good.  E,T,A,M &J, they are doing great, J ran up to Andy right when we got there. He was so cute, when he was running he keep saying “anny anny anny” He cant really say AnDy yet.. But its way cute still.

So it has been nice having him home with me. When we got in bed, I looked at him and said “this is diffarent” and we both laughed. I love you baby and I am so happy to have you home!


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