What is a blog stalker?  Have you ever had one? Have you ever been one?

I know that I have one… I don’t like that this person comes to my page and reads my stuff… She is not a fan of mine or my family’s, this person is not a nice person, she does not do nice things, she does not do good things. And the part that I hate the most is that she will try to take what I have said or written and turn it around and us it agents people…


4 thoughts on “BLOG STOCKER

  1. How do you know when someone has been stalking your blog? And how does she use it against you? I never knew that there was such a thing! Sorry dear! I hope that you get it figured out!

  2. Its a long story…. This person come to my page reads what I have writen and then gose to a nother page (someone I know) and reads there stuff, the person on the other page has a tracker, and they can see who comes form where on to there page…

  3. There are tons of trackers out there that let you track the traffic to and from your blog. My two favs are


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