This weekend was not what I wanted.

This weekend was not what I wanted it to be, I was so excited to go and see my mom and have some family time…

So Mini and I got off work, on the way home we made some stops. We had to find some stuff to decorate the part that was going to happen for David. He has told my mom that he has never had a birthday party so she wanted us to go all out for him… So Mini and I decided to do a Hawaiian theme. It was fun when Mini and I were shopping and hangin out. Then we went to her house to get her stuff ready to go, about the time she had all her stuff ready Andy got there and we loaded up and took off. We stoped and got Subway. Then on the way out there. Andy was in such a good mood and when he is like that he is so funny. (that is one of the things that I fell in love with). So we got to mom’s house, Selo and David were not home yet, so we just hung out and talked. Then they got home and we all hung out and talked for a little. Then Selo and David went down stairs, they just took of, did not say anything to Andy. So Andy and I decided to watch a move and play with Tisha. (Tisha is such a cuttie, she loved Andy so much) I was layin on the couch and Andy and Tisha were laying on the mattress. We fell asleep with in about 30 min. Tisha first cuz Andy was rubbin her belly. Then Andy fell asleep.

The next morning, Andy and I were awaken by Tisha lovein on Andy…. (she loves him). David and Selo took off and Christopher and Andy sat and talked about taken there guns out to shoot. When David and Selo came back Andy and Christopher left to go to CalRanch. I jumped in to the shower, when I got out Andy was there… Mom told the boys to leave to got to Wal*Mart so that the girls could up all the stuff up. David did not know that we were going to be decorating, so we were having so much fun. The guys came home and we were not done, so I keep decorating. We had dinner, it was so so good, But for some reason I started to get a way bad head ack so I layed down on the couch and tried to get rid of it. next thing I know it has been about 2 hours and Andy and Mini were ready to go. We had cake and then got all the stuff in the car, when I was saying by to my mom Mini came up and told me that she and Selo would not be comming back home with us. . . I felt so left out, we had a plan to drive home with the 4 of us. it was going to be like a mine road trip. We have never been able to go on a tirp with them. So Andy and I went home, I was bitchie for the first part of the trip, but I had fine spending time with my hisband. (side note… I love my husband more than anything in the world)

I sleep just about the whole time. When we were comming up the hill just about home, I heard a lady’s voice say ” Hey baby you going my way?” That woke me right up… Then Andy said “HI!” then they started laughing, It was Andys cousin Dusty and his wife Amber. Oh it scared me so freakin bad, but it was funny… (Thanks Amber It was a good laught). We got home and went to bed.

On Sunday morning we got up and went to the hospital to see Andy sister Lue. She has been extremaly sich. In and out of the hospital for the last few months. It has been way scary not knowing what is going on with her. So we went to the hospital and hung out when them. Watched a Alvin and the Chipmunks. It was such a funny movie. We had 5 people in the small hospital room, watching this movie on the labtop. It was funny to see the faces of all the RN’s and DR’s that keep comming in, they finaly told Lue that she could go home.  So they took off back to there home on the just under 3 hour drive.  I will put some update on Lue when we find out what is going on. . .

So we had a very long weekend and it was not what I thought that it would be… But it was fun for the most part…


2 thoughts on “This weekend was not what I wanted.

  1. Sorry about this weekend. I know things didn’t go anywhere near what was planned. I had a good time with you and Andy.

    And speaking of vacations, we need to plan the one we have been talking about. The one to Wolf Creek.

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