Not so hot

I have not been doing so hot with blogging… I have been so busy with family things that I don’t really even have time to get on the computer much any more…

This Mothers Day did not turn out like I thought that it would. Andy and I got in a small fight and then we asked his family to leave our house. I felt way bad about that but they did not need to see the fight that we were having. But we got it all worked out and we are doing so much better now… I used to want a marriage where you never fight and things are ALL way great… I look at my marriage now and see that the fights that we do have are not bad, they help us both to learn more about each other and to understand more about each other. Now I am not saying that I like getting in fights with him (I DON’T) but I do like that we are able to talk about things and not let them build up and in turn get so bad that we can not be around each other.

I know this person that used to tell me that her and her husband NEVER fight, they never get upset and they never yell at each other… I dont know that that is the best. Again I am not saying that you should always be fighting, I think that if you do not have a disargument once and a while you are putting on a frount for everyone else….



One thought on “Not so hot

  1. I agree with you. I believe disagreements in a marriage can strengthen things. It helps you learn about your partner. It helps teach ways to resolve conflict. And it’s great to make up 😉

    I believe that marriages that have no conflict, have no personality. They have no fun or learning or caring. It just isn’t REAL.

    I’m glad to hear you and Andy worked things out. I hope they continue to get better for you.

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