This is a post form a great friend of mine…

This is a post form a firend of mine, I thought that it would be good to pass it on to everyone…

This is a link to her site…


“Hello to all….

I would like to post my letter to which I wrote to US Airways Customer Relations and the CEO of US Airways……Please take note and spread the word of what a bunch of BS US Airways is….


To whom it may concern:
I purchased a ticket from US Airways in August of 2007 for my flight to Philadelphia from Portland for Christmas.  I paid for the ticket in full, then a few weeks later changed the date of returning and paid an ADDITIONAL $250.00 for changing the flight.  I had a confirmation number and a confirmed seat on the return flight.  I arrived at the airport on CHRISTMAS DAY to leave and found that I no longer had a confirmed seat that I was flying stand-by to see if any ticket holders were willing to not take the flight out.  Of course no one did.  I was then given this ‘Take Flight’ voucher for free round-trip airfare for my inconvenience.  Not only did I pay for the initial ticket, but I paid for the change in flight (ADDITIONAL $250.00), you were not able to get me on a flight out for 5 DAYS (COSTING ME A WEEK WORTH OF A PAYCHECK), you managed to get my luggage on the plane and NOT ME (COSTING ME 5 DAYS WORTH OF PURCHASING CLOTHING SINCE I HAD NONE), plus I was charged an addition $50.00 for one suitcase being over by 1 pound and my second suit case being under by 6 pounds.  So far with my trip on US Airways I’m out (Including my work pay and other costs) over $1000.00.  RIDICULOUS!!!
I am now trying to book a flight using my ‘Take Flight’ voucher and because I’m not a ‘PAYING CUSTOMER’ there are no seats available for me to fly on for my planned vacation.  Correct me if I’m wrong but I already PAID FOR MY FLIGHT THAT WAS OVERBOOKED BY US AIRWAYS costing me more money than what it should have.  I have not been reimbursed for any of my losses.  I contacted the office and received no reply, spoke with a person that speaks very little and VERY POOR english with no resolve.
I am not going to pay for another ticket out of my pocket when I more than double paid for my original ticket that caused me to miss a weeks worth of pay, 5 days worth clothing, $50 dollars for luggage (1 pound over and 6 pounds under) and $250.00 for changing my reservation that I ended up not getting on in the end.  This is ridiculous, absurd and absolute ass nine.  Is this the way that US Airways treats customers that chose their airline, paid for their tickets and then were bumped off their flight on CHRISTMAS DAY.
I can book a ticket online at if I’m a ‘paying customer’ for my planned vacation of July 12th leaving Philadelphia and returning from Spokane on July 26th.  The seats are available online if I’d like to pay AGAIN out of pocket for airfare.  I am not going to pay twice for airfare.  And the representatives on the phone are not able to help me with this?  Give me a break.  If there are available seats – give them to customers that have ALREADY PAID for the flight.
I would like a phone call from a LEAD or a SUPERVISOR or the CEO OF US AIRWAYS to get this issue resolved.  I don’t believe that as a US Airways customer I am asking for that much to be reimbursed for my lost time, wages and money for the absolutely INCREDIBLE mistake that your company made with not only I but 30 other people on CHRISTMAS DAY 2007.
I want to fly out of Philadelphia on July 12th between 6 and 8am and arrive in Spokane between 1 and 3pm.  I would like to leave Spokane on July 26th between 6 and 10am and arrive in Philadelphia sometime that evening.  Why is that so hard with so many tickets available for ‘PAYING CUSTOMERS’ “


3 thoughts on “This is a post form a great friend of mine…

  1. What kind of crap is that?! I feel bad for your friend.

    Thanks for posting this. I’m glad to know about this situation. We will be sure to stay away from US Airways.

    Good luck to your friend. Let us know how it turns out.

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