Update on Katelynn Melissa Redmond

I went to the Funeral today.  It was an amazing services. You could fell the love and the happiness that she gave to every one that was around her when she was with her family.

Ben gave the Invocation, then when 2 of her older sisters when up there to do the Eulogy, they did such a good job. They talked about the good time they had with her, the fun times they had and also the things that they will miss the most.  One of the things that I remember the most about there story’s was the one about how Katelynn was a great alarm clock, she would stand at the top of the stairs and yell out each one of her sisters and brother name. It was at like 6AM. When they were telling the story they said that now they have to have an alarm clock that just beeps and they don’t like it. It was funny. Then they had a friend of the family say a few things. They had all of Katelynn’s sisters and her brother and some other kids sing “I Am A Child of God”. It was so great the hear the words of the song and to hear the love that they all had for there sister.  Ben when back up and did a talk. WOW that blew me away with his talk. It was a very good talk for all of us to hear. He read out of the Book of Mormon and out of the Bible, both had such strong spirits come form the readings.  Last person to speak was Jen, on and I cried, my mom cried, I don’t think that there was a person in the building that did not cry.

I cant even imagen having to plan a funeral for a child. I am amazed that they were able to do it so fast. It was beautiful.

Katelynn you will be loved and miss by all people. You had such a short life time but it was so full and happy!


5 thoughts on “Update on Katelynn Melissa Redmond

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Bek. I wish I could have been there with you guys. Poor Jen. What a hard thing for her, and the whole family to go through. It just breaks my heart. /cry

  2. that was such an amazing way to explain my little sister here I am 5 years later looking up her on the internet and I found this that you for sharing this to the world

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