Daily Archives: June 7, 2008

Today was the big day…

Today was Kiera and Tyan’s big day… they got married today and it was beautiful. The day started out not so good. It was raining way bad, but then it cleaned up and they were able to still have the wedding outside. The reception was beautiful also. They did it all at the White Willow in Provo.

It was so nice to see some people that I have not see in a very long time. There were also people that I could have help off a bit longer to see.

I am very happy for Kiera and Tyan, it is so crazy to think that we are all married now… I remember when Kiera and I would talk about “the day we get married” when we were growin up, and how we were going to get married on the same day to brothers…. well that did not work out the best, but our husbands went to JR high together… so at least they know each other….

Oh it was such a great day, but I am very ready to go to bed now…