Why after so long would someone want to come back in to your life and mess things up? I am very happily married, very in love with my husband. We are getting sealed in the temple in August! Why would he try to come back in to my life, why would he want to mess it all up for me?


4 thoughts on “Hmmm…

  1. Because he knows what he lost when you left. But that’s him, not you. I know you. You have no doubt about your decision. Don’t let him bother you. Enough time was spent there, you have no reason to go back.

  2. Do you still have feelings for this guy that is trying get back in your life? and if so are they strong enough feelings to maybe looking into doing something about them?

  3. No I have not had feelings for him in over 2 years… He was out of my life for almost 2 years and now he is back….

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