Monthly Archives: June 2008

Another NEW DESK

So I have another new desk! This one is better than the last one that I had. This one is nicer and It fells like it is bigger. I am not sitting with any of the WC people so I hope that means that there will not be any DRAMA in this area… That will be so much better! I will take a picture soon and put it up here!



Why after so long would someone want to come back in to your life and mess things up? I am very happily married, very in love with my husband. We are getting sealed in the temple in August! Why would he try to come back in to my life, why would he want to mess it all up for me?

Lunch was fun.

We just got back from lunch, it was fun. We has 7 people (Vinnan, Robert, Casey, Dalan, Me, Josie, and Richard.) Vinnan and Robert are the bosses, Casey and Dalan are the new TL’s. Josie and I got to go to lunch today because we are doing so good on sales.

Robert, Vinnan and Dalan Josie, Casey, and Richard

We had a good talk at lunch, I sat with Robert, Vinnan and Dalan (the left picture). It was way nice getting to know Robert and Vinnan better,  I also got to know about India better. The USA and India have lots of things that are the same…. but then again we have lots of things that are different.

Doing good is going to pay off.

So I have been working way hard at work lately to do good and to sale as much as I can! I was just told that I will be taken out to lunch today (to a nice place) I am happy for that. I sold about $818.00 worth last week. The only person that beat me was someone that got $1,200.00. (I trained her) That is the best any one has done her so far.

I will update when we get back form lunch!

Temple Prep

Last night Andy and I sat down and talked about who we will be inviting to what on the 2 of August. We have 3 different events that are going to happen as of now.

The first one will be Me my mom and Andy going to the temple at 12:30, then people that we have invited will come at 1:30, then the rest of the people that we have invited will be coming at 3:30 and that is when Andy and I will be sealed! I have looked for this day for about 2 years now and I cant believe that we are finally planning it.

My sister has been so much help with this, she is helping me to not have to dill with people fighting over what I want and what I don’t want. When she planned her temple sealing she had to dill with so many people complaining and telling her what to do and how to do it and when to do it and what not, and she said that she does not want that to happen to me. She ended up having a GREAT sealing and reception. So I am happy to let her help me with all the stuff that I am having to do.