I got it out!!!

I got something stuck in my toe when we did the trek… (I did not have shoes on) I finally got it out!!! OMGosh it hurt so so bad… I got it out today and it was just little… how funny is that. Something so little could put me in so much pain… But now its out!!!


4 thoughts on “I got it out!!!

  1. I was looking at Marie’s life blog to see if she had any Nauvoo pictures yet. I stumbled across your blog & had so much fun reading! I then ventured over to Andy’s & read his, as well. I wanted to post on his but couldn’t figure out HOW/WHERE. I wanted to tell him that he should not worry about grammatical errors, his posts are so fun to read. All 3 of you should keep it up. You inspire me…. Not to blog (I’m way too old & busy) but to Journal.
    BTW, I did put some pictures on facebook.
    I love you all. It was so fun to travel w/ you.

  2. We love blogging! You should really get one. They are so much fun and they are so easy… If you can wright and e-mail you can do a blog!

    I had so much fun on the trip! I loved doing it. I think that we should do one like that ever 3 or 4 or even 5 years!

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