The Nauvoo Trip!!!

WOW what a great week we have had… I have so much to talk about… so much had happened!

We left for Nauvoo on June 28th. We (Selo, Marie, Andy and I) meet at grandma’s house about 2p.m. so that we could start getting the truck and the bus packed. Andy was the “Loading and Packing Director” so that put me helping him get everything packed. We knew that we had a big job to do (there were 14 people with luggage for a week). We got the truck packed with all of the food and people and luggage and headed out to Nauvoo! We made our first stop at the Little America in WY. Then we keep going. We final made it to the ByWater House in Nauvoo about 24 hours later. The house was so pretty and there was so much room for all of us. My dad, Judy and the kids showed up to the house about 9:15ish.

Each one of the grandkids had to do a devotional. The first person was Daniel. He did a great one on Joseph Smith when he had to have surgery on his leg. Daniel is only 9 but he did a great job on the story. We all went to bed after that, he knew that we would have a VERY long week ahead of us.

The next morning we went to Old Nauvoo and had a Wagon Tour. It was very nice to see all of Old Nauvoo so that we knew what places we would want to go and see. We then got to go in to a lot of the houses and learn about Browning Gun Shop, the Post Office, and the Tinshop. Through out the week we got to go to several live plays at The Cultural Hall. The plays help to tell stories and were every easy to follow for the kids. All of the endowed adults were about to go to the temple, and I got to stay will all of the kids. We were able to go to a play and also go to Pioneer Pastimes and play games. Dalton learned how to play Chinese checkers and be able to win! The smile on his face when he ended up with only one ball left was so great! He was so happy that he learned something that he could teach his mom and dad. We also got to go to Carthage Jail. WOW Talk about an eye opening experience. To know that 2 men lost their life’s in that room for a church and a god that they had so much faith in.

On another day Dad, Uncle Steven, Andy, Selo, Aunt Katie, Marie, Pixie, Max, Dalton and I went to the temple to do Baptisms for the Dead. Selo and Uncle Steven got to help out and EFY group in doing Confirmations as the rest of us were getting dressed. Then dad, Selo and Andy got to do the Confirmations for us. Andy and Selo took turns saying the prayer and dad took the notes. When we got to go in and do the baptisms Uncle Steven gave the names and took the notes, Aunt Katie and Marie gave out towels, Selo and Andy were the witnesses and Dad did the baptisms for the Max, Dalton and Pixie. Then Dad and Selo switched, Selo was able to baptisms me. It was a very spiritual time. I have never been able to do them before. I really like being able to be with my family and be in the Nauvoo Temple.

On the way home we had a very long ride… We had to make a stop at the ER for Selo… He was not going very well. When we left the ER he was doing much better… The ride home took about 16 hours… It was one of the best trips I have ever taken and I would say so much more about it…. I have grown so much spiritually and am so much more ready to go to the temple now!


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