Great Birthday!

For the most part I have had suck a GREAT birthday this week.

I got a  new ring from my amazing husband!

Not the best picture…. but my ring is so beautiful… It has harts on the side and it is twisted just like I wanted… We have been looking at this ring since Febuary…

I also got alot of new clothes… He gave me a $200.00 gift card to Lane Bryant, I got so much fun stuff, I also got a great new purse! I have not been able to buy one for a long time!!!

Then I also got a new COUCH and LOVESEAT… They are very nice and we paid less than $200.00. They are type of Leather… I got them from Rent-A-Center Cash-&-Carry so we got them for a great deal!

They are so comfy and nice… They make the front room look so big and it makes it look so clean also!

Andy also planded a Birthday party for me… We did it today about 5:00. We had The Marini Family, my sister and her husband, My mom and her husband, Christopher and a guy form work Barry… Then at 6:30 we had Aunt Becky Uncle Steve and Michelle come over then a bit later Dusty and Amber came over, then my sister Kristine came over… Thats alot of people in my little house but having the new couch’s were nice… I am very happy about the way today turned out and I am so happy to now have my house empty…


One thought on “Great Birthday!

  1. We had a great time at your party. It was a blast. And congrats on all your new stuff. You deserve it!

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