I am fellin kinda lonely tonight…Today was the last day for my boss… he is going back to India on Monday. That was hard because we have become friends and I have learned a lot form him. We should have sat down today and talked about some other stuff.

About 4 I got a message form my my BIL sayin that he did not need a ride home home because he has some SSE stuff to work on. Then I get a message form my sister and she said that she did not need a ride home that he husband was there to get her… No I dont mind if they spend time but what buged me was that he lied to me about it like I am a kid that would be upset that I am not taken them home… I am just hurt about it all…

Then I remember that my husband is going to a movie with Tim, I am happy that they are going to go and that Andy has found someone that he is happy to hang out with and he has found someone that has the same values as we do…. but I am left home alone… I know that I sound like a baby but yea today is not the best day…

I am just depressed and I am not doing very good. . .


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