I checked my minutes on my cell phone today… We normally don’t use more than about 500-600ish each month. Well this month we have used 628 our of our 700! I got kinda scared… We still have until the 17 before we get more minutes. So I called T-mobile to see if I could buy a bucket of minutes.

I was only on hold for a rep for about 30 seconds. Then a very happy guy came on the line. His name was Kevin. He was very happy and very willing to help me out. I told him what I needed and he was happy to help me. He went over my current plan and looked at my past months of usage and found that the plan that I am on is a great plan and that I should not up the minutes. He gave me 200 bonus minutes. 100 for me and 100 for Andy! I was so happy, he even made it so that we would have the bonus minutes for the next 3 months!

He said that since I have been with them since July 17, 2004 (I have been with them since 2002 but it was in my moms name) they could help me out! Well thank you Kevin form T-mobile! Thank you for your help! I am a happy T-mobile customer now!


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