Let’s Help Make A Difference in Salt Lake City!

Let’s Help Make A Difference Salt Lake City!

The Salt Lake City Living Planet Aquarium has a chance to win $1.5 million from American Express Members Project ’08’ to fund their newest exhibit “Journey to South America,” but THEY NEED YOUR HELP!

The American Express Members Project began last year as an on-line program that allows the public to vote on worthy nonprofit projects in need of funding. We are proud to report that The Living Planet Aquarium’s new exhibit plans have been accepted as one of this year’s worthy causes!

The journey to South America will be an aquatic-themed rainforest exhibit. Visitors will enjoy vivid sights, sounds, and intriguing animals such as giant anacondas, piranhas, poison arrow frogs and other Amazon giants found in South American rainforests. Fun and education will be combined as guests learn about the biodiversity of rainforest ecosystems, the benefits rainforests provide us and how we can all help protect these amazing animals!

Voting Is Easy

Go on-line now until September 1, 2008 to help The Living Planet Aquarium in 3 easy steps!

1. Sign in! Go to www.membersproject.com and scroll to the bottom right hand side of the page. If you are an American Express card holder, log in as a member; if not, log in as a guest.

2. Once you are logged in type, “Journey to South America” in the search box.

3.Click on the Journey to South America link and then “Nominate This Project”

American Express made the following annotations on Mon Aug 25 2008 10:43:34


Please leave a commit letting us know how many people have voted! We want to get that number up FAST!!!


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