What a week…

What a week we have had… Monday I had to start training again. I had a girl start on Monday and then a guy start on Tuesday. It was kinda hard to train then both, but Teresa was great in helping me out.  We were told
that the 2nd round of interviews would start on Monday. When I got in on Monday they did not even have the first round done, so they said that they would do the 2nd later on in the week.  Then I found out on Wednesday that guy that was doing the 2nd round was out of the country and would not be back until

On Thursday Andy had to go to the Dr. for his feet. Is has been having very bad edema. It has been goin on for some time now that he has been having issues. The Dr. told him that he needs to go the hospital on Friday and have an ultrasound done on his heart. The Dr thinks that he may have CHF. Andy called me at work and told me what was goin on. I broke down right there and then… I just could not keep it together. I asked my boss if I could go home early and not come in on Friday.  So I went home and have been
spending time with Andy. Friday we went to the hospital to see have the ultrasound. The tech was not able to tell us what she found because she was not the Dr. but that if he was in immediate danger they would not let him go home.  She was great with answering the questions that she could. After we left we got a call from his Dr. about the blood test that he had done on Thursday. They all came back fine. So that is good, but we still don’t know exactly what is goin on. The Dr should call him this coming week some time to tell him the results of the ultrasound. I am hopping that they will come back and tell us that he will be fine and will just need to take “water pills” for a little.

After we were done with the hospital we went to get the truck registered so that Andy could drive it to work. When the guy lifted up the truck to look under it he found a MAJOR gas leak. So he REJECTED the truck and told us we needed to get it fixed. We took the truck over to a guy that my mom used to take her cars to all the time. I pulled the truck in to the garage and he when down under it and looked. He could not see anything wrong with it but could see that the gas was leaking out. Then we decided to take it home, and then bring it back to him on Wednesday. When I tried to start it, it was having a very hard time. Grand looked under the truck as I was starting it and it was a down poor of gas coming out. So we had to leave the truck there. We will find out next week how much it will cost to get it fixed. We went home Andy went to and interview. He was told that we was “over qualified” and they would keep him in mind. He came home and we went to the reception for his cousin. On the way home we decided to get me some new shoes. I went in the store, Andy and Teresa stayed in the car. I pulled out my cell phone to take a picture and my phone screen was broken. I was so upset, I called Andy and had him come in and look at it. Then we decided to go and talk to T-Mobile and see what they would do to help me out. Guess what! They would not do anything but ask me to extend my contract for 2 years so that they could give me $10.00 off a new phone… Hmmm…. Not the best idea so I decided that I would just go home and look for a new phone. I looked on KSL and I found a new phone! Andy and I went to SLC to pick up 2 new phones for $80.00. One was the Motorola Z3 and the other was a Nokia. What a long weekend… I am so happy that tomorrow is Sunday and I get to go to church and have a great day! I will miss Andy at church because he will have to work at the center… I love you baby!


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