This week?

I am hoping that this week will be better than last week.

Things we can find out this week:

1. What is goin on with Andy. How is heart is and all that good stuff.

2. We find out how much it will cost us to fix the truck.

3. We find out what is goin to happen with Andy’s job.

4. I may be getting a 2nd interview for the promotion I am trying for.

So I am hoping that they will all turn out happy for us! Pray for us it you get a chance!



1. Andy has been felling good today. We still have not gotten anything form the Dr. yet

2. Grant called me today! It is only $84.00 to fix it and I was able to go and pick it up today! Yea now I have it on KSL for sale.

3. As of now, he still has a job.

4. Asked about this today but no one knows what is goin on because the BIG bosses are not in town.

When I know more I will let you know!


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