Final Update

1. What is goin on with Andy. How is his heart is and all that good stuff.. = The Dr called Andy today and they said that his heart looks fine, they could not find anything on the Ultrasound that made then think that he has CHF. I am happy about them finding nothing, BUT we still don’t know what is making him have such bad edema.

2. We find out how much it will cost us to fix the truck. = The truck is great we are loving having it but we would still like to sale it so that we can get another car that is better on gas.

3. We find out what is goin to happen with Andy’s job. = Andy loves his job. He is having so much fun working at the center, he will not look for a job for now. BUT if something better comes along he will jump on it!

4. I may be getting a 2nd interview for the promotion I am trying for. = They called a meeting today to announce some changes with in the company. They are redoing the SSE-BSE teams. They are also putting some new rules in place. ALSO they announced the people that would be doing the ERT position… I GOT IT!!! Yea I got the promotion, I am so excited about it.

Thank you to everyone that keep Andy and I in your prayers over the last few weeks.  Things have started to look up for us!


One thought on “Final Update

  1. 1- It’s frustrating to not know what’s going on. It’s nice that there is nothing wrong with his heart, but, like you said, that doesn’t fix the edema problem.

    2- Glad you have your truck back. I know how much you guys love it.

    3- What a relief for him! H

    4- Congratulations!!!!! I am SO happy for you. You have worked so hard for this, and you deserve it fully. Way to go. I’m proud of you.

    Love, your big sis

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