Todays updates

1. What is goin on with Andy. How is his heart is and all that good stuff.. = We still don’t know anything yet. We are still hopping to get a call today some time. If they do not call today Andy will call them tomorrow.

2. We find out how much it will cost us to fix the truck. = The truck is great we are loving having it but we would still like to sale it so that we can get another car that is better on gas.

3. We find out what is goin to happen with Andy’s job. = Andy loves his job. He is having so much fun working at the center, he will not look for a job for now. BUT if something better comes along he will jump on it!

4. I may be getting a 2nd interview for the promotion I am trying for. =I had my interview yesterday… It went ok. I think I did good, but I know that there was at least 5 other people that they asked back the the 2nd interview.

That is my updates for today, If I hear anything about the above I will update you all again!


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