More Redbox codes

I used MCDMEDVD the other night and it worked… SO I wanted to post some more. If you use a code please up date me on what you used and if it worked so that other people will know how they work.

Key: Working Great Possible Unlikely Unproven

MCD808 (McDonald’s) 09/20/08 (Sat)
DVDONME 09/20/08 (Sat)
BREAKROOM 09/20/08 (Sat)
MCDMEDVD (McDonald’s) 09/20/08 (Sat)
KELLOGGS26 09/20/08 (Sat)
2TRE12 09/20/08 (Sat)
WALMART (Walmart) 09/19/08 (Fri)
30LUCKY (Lucky’s) 09/19/08 (Fri)
DVDFORME 09/19/08 (Fri)
THX09 (McDonald’s/Iowa) 09/18/08 (Thu)
2THS48 09/16/08 (Tue)
WALGREENS (Walgreens) 09/16/08 (Tue)
THX904 (McDonald’s/Ohio) 09/15/08 (Mon)
REDBOX (New customers) 09/14/08 (Sun)
BIGMAC508 (McDonald’s) 09/13/08 (Sat)
MCSUMR808 (McDonald’s) 09/09/08 (Tue)
99ZA7Q (Monday Only) 09/08/08 (Mon)
SUMMER1 (Giant) 09/06/08 (Sat)

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