What a weekend

I have had such a long weekend and I am so glad it is over!!!

Friday I had to bring my truck to work because I had to get some new chairs for the front room. I am so excited about them! But then I had to drive back home with them in my truck and they weer not tied own. I had to go to my sisters work and get her to help me move them around so that they would fit correctly in my truck. We finally them they way we wanted them, then she had to go back in to work. So I started to tie them down, I bet that I did about 200 trips around that truck just to get them tight! When I finally got home I got to bring them in… Then it took me for ever to get them they way I wanted them. I got them in the room but it still looks cramped! I will have to rearange them again when I get home today!
Then on Saturday I had to get up about 7ish to get ready for the baby shower for my SIL Jenny. I jumped in the shower, got out got dressed and went to G-Ma Grass’ house. I was not able to do my hair or make-up until we got there. I helped with some food and stuff then I went and did my make up. 11:30 was when the party should have started, about 11:25ish G-ma Grass came down and said that the address on the invitation was wrong and that is why no one was there yet. With in about 10 min people starting to show up. We eat and talked and just sat around. It was nice to see all the people. Then Aunt Becky had to go and get Uncle Steve. There car would not start so I ran them down to get him. Then we came back and it was time to go home. I was so ready to go home.

On Sunday I laid around all day! I did not want to do anything at all! I watched football and sleep! It was a nice weekend but a long one!


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