Eye Sty

Update on- December 09 2008

I am not happy to say that I am still fighting with this…. it has been going on for over a MONTH!!!!!-


Posted on October 24 2008

I have and eye sty… it sucks way bad and I am having a hard time seeing because my eye hurts and I want to rub it then I mess up my contact and then I cant see… I wanted to find out what I could do for my eye with out going to the Dr. so I looked on line and found some great advice… have a read…

“There is nothing more irritating than having to see your day unfold with an eye sty infection! I am currently giving you two options to lessen your discomfort: you can blame it perpetually on the Staphylococcus bacteria which caused it, or you can follow these steps which can remove that eye sty and keep you in good spying condition in no time.

Just in case you don’t know yet, an eye sty infection is often characterized by the swelling of your eyes’ sebaceous or oil-yielding glands.

Usually, you will physically see a nasty eye sty infection in action through a tiny red bump in your eyelashes. Aside from causing you pain and discomfort, it makes you look and feel like an alien from the rest of the normally seeing world.

Eye sty treatment varies from case to case and from person to person. But you don’t really need to run to your nearest doctor to be able to lessen the sting. You can begin to cure your eye sty at home. And the home remedy for eye sty frequently lessens the medications the eye doctor or ophthalmologist will prescribe you when you consult him a bit later.

Here are a few interesting home remedies you can try to keep your eye sty from taking over your perfect vision.

  • Heat it
    Hot compress will definitely help fix it. Just make sure you don’t boil your entire eyelid as you do so! Muster as much warmth as you can handle and then use it to give a bit of warm loving through a soft and clean piece of cloth. Do this as frequently as you can throughout the day.
  • Baby it
    Much as it is completely alien to have a bump on your eye, make sure you don’t touch it or use your hands to further compound the damage. Even if you are tempted to do so, fight the urge to squeeze the sty out of its misery. It will make things worse. Hold the sty as you would treat a newborn baby: with utmost care.
  • Clear it
    Steer clear of eye makeup or accessories near the eyelid. You may have to sacrifice your eye makeup for a season until the sty leaves your precious eyelid. If you don’t take note of this vital advice, you might end up transferring the sty bacteria on your makeup applicators and end up having an eye sty for life!
  • Clean it
    You can use a mild soap on cotton cloth to gently clean the root of your eyelashes to prevent the sty from taking over. It thrives in dirt, so eliminate as much dirt as you can in the soonest possible time.
  • Keep It [Private]
    Eye sty loves company, much like misery. So make sure you isolate it. At times like these, it is perfectly fine to be selfish and not have to share things with other people. Keep your eye makeup and eye makeup applicators to yourself. And your eyes will thank you for it.
  • Medicate it
    Medication is practically the last resort, and requires the doctor’s approval. After having exhausted all other natural techniques of eliminating that nasty eye sty and if it still persists in being devoted to your eyelashes, seek expert opinion on which perfect ointment should extinguish it in no time.”


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