A new job?

Andy has had 5 interviews this week..

The first one he had to do a test that was crazy… he was not able to pass that one but they told him to studies, and come back on Thursday… The problem is that they did not tell him what he needed to study…

The next one was at my please. Andy came here on Tuesday, did the test’s for here and then did his interview. I know both guys that did his interview and I talked to one of them before Andy came in and he was excited to talk to him. They did his interview and then the 2 guys went out and talked and decided that they like him and they offered him the job!

The third one, was back at the first place… He tried to remember stuff that was on his test from before and he tired to study some of that stuff… but he was not able to pass the test…It was really not an easy test. I am very proud of Andy for trying so hard to pass it. But I am happy that he will not be taking that job…

The forth, it was at a Car Dealership. We purchased out car from there one year ago this month :0) Andy was very happy about the interview and is hopping that they will call him back for another interview.

The last one that he had was with a driving company. They told him that he would be driving and also helping in he warehouse. He would LOVE to get this one, because he loves to drive and he has his CDL… They told him that they really liked him and they will contact him some time next week. We are both hoping that this one pans out so that he will now be able to drive like he has wanted to for a very long time.

So he will be starting a job on Monday… We are happy about that but we know that it is going to be hard for us to get back on our feet…

Thank you to my family and everyone that has prayed for us and that have given us encouragement over the last few weeks. It has help very much! Love you all.


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