You think you are an Adult?

You think that talking bad about someone, telling lies about someone, treating them like crap and slandering them publicly makes you look good? L

You think that pretending to be the victim and trying to make people fell bad for your or trying to make them be on your side makes you look good?

You think that just because you are you you should be able to do what you want makes you look good? I

You think that yelling at someone when they are being being nice makes you look good?

You think that trying to turn people agents some one makes you look good? Z

You think you are an adult? You may need to go back to high school… you are not an adult yet!


3 thoughts on “You think you are an Adult?

  1. *sigh* Some people. And I hate that I have to deal with this person. I can only imagine what you go through.

  2. You are so right I hate people like that. I hate when they don’t let you apologize to you either! That is so rude. I also hate when someone is rude to you and you have NO clue why. When you are trying so so hard to be nice. you are right it is crapy. I love that you used my line about the going back to high school… I love that you like me so much as to use it. Thank you so much

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