Update about the game!

So we got to go to the game, It was so much fun. Here are the tickets!!!!!


Here is me as we got in the car to go to Sandy…

sspx00091This Andy and I as we are on the Trax…


This is a picture of the Temple and of a Church that we saw as we were on Trax…


It was so pretty riding on Trax, It took a long time to get to the ESA but it was so much fun and so worth the $9.00 that we had to pay ( so much better than paying for parking and fighting with traffic when leaving) We had fun!

We had to stand outside for a bit until the doors opened… it was kinda cold but we watched TV on our new Sprints phones.  When the doors opened we were given 2 ice scrapers, (we did not have one for the car so it was way cool) then we had to walk around to the opposite side of the building to get to our portal.

This is as we walked in to the seating area! Our seat is right behind the blue chairs at the bottom of the picture!


This is sitting in our seats as the players started to warm up.


We got to watch the player warm up, when ever they would walk to the tunnel it was like a swarm of bees flying to honey, People wanted autographs.


Alot of people keep sitting around us, but they all had to leave before the game started because the were other peoples seats.

There was a group of girls, I think that they were form a high school team, they were all dressed alike. It was kind cool to watch them.

The seats were kinda small and it hurt when we had to stand up and then sit down again. The players are so TALL, there was one (I don’t remember who) but I keep telling Andy that this guy was short and he told me that that guy was about 6’4”… now that’s not short at all… he is just not as tall as the other guys that are 6’6” to 6’9” LOL

As we got ready to do The Star-Spangled Banner, there was a young girl that sang, she did such a good job, I wish that I knew what her name was…


This is the only other picture that I took, I think it looks cool but it is hard to see what is going on.


After the game started I forgot all about taking pictures… So this is all the pictures I have of it! But it was so much fun, we would like to go again and have great seats like this!

Thank you Secret Santa!!!


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