Would you let your 15 year old?

I was reading over some old blog’s on  Domestic Divapalooza’s blog today and I found a blog about a 15 year old girls parents letting her boyfriend spend the night.  I am all for sleepovers not NOT coed sleep overs.

A quote form her blog reads:

“I find out that *Anne’s parents not only let her friends spend the night (which is not unusual at all) but they let her boyfriends spend the night too!”

This is kinda hard for me to understand why ANY parent would let their child be set up for problems. Even if you as a parent really like the boyfriend or girlfriend it still does not mean that they should be spending the night.

I remember when I was about 15-16ish (in JR. Hight) my mom really liked one of my friends (we will call him DJ). DJ’s parents were not very nice to him, so I felt like I needed to have him as part of my family. My mom was felt the same way that I did and she would do just about anything for him. Even though him and I were just friends, she still would not let him spend the night at my house. He could come over any time he wanted to, and be part of our family, do what ever we were doing, but he was not able to spend the night. My mom would always let him stay until very late and then drive him to him parents house, He was even able to be in pictures as part of out family. Until the day that I moved out of my moms house, I was never able to have a boy spend the night. Morally it is very wrong.

Let me know what you guys think about this, you can also leave a comment on Divapalooza’s blog by clicking the link provided. I know that this is a gray subject, so please do not use any inappropriate language when leaving comments.


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