A message from my Great and Amazing Grandma

Thank you so much for sending this to me, it has really helped me to see that I need to just keep going, keep my head up and keep trying to get through each day.

A woman answered a knock at the door.  It was the minister.  She invited him in and they sat down.  The minister had bad news for her.  Her husband and son had just been killed in an auto accident.

The woman excused herself and left the room.  In a few minutes she came back with cups of tea for them both.  She gave him a cup of tea, sat down, and picked up her tea cup.  The minister said, “how can you be so calm when you have heard such awful news?”  She said, “my mother told me what to do if the worst thing in the world that you can imagine happens.  My mother said — You do whatever you would be doing if it had not happened.  When you visit we always have tea together.”

I love you Alaska Sue! You and Grandpa Joe have the best thoughts all the time!


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