Andy had a great interview last Wednesday, He was told that they would get back to him Monday(2/2) or Tuesday(2/3). He called them on Friday to check in, they told him it would not be unit Monday(2/2) or Tuesday(2/3) that they would have any info for him. He then called them again on Monday (2/2) and they said that they were still working on his background check. So he called them again on Tuesday (2/3) and had to leave a message. Yesterday he forgot to call them. But today…. He got a call from a nice lady (i did not get her name) and she said that they would like to offer him the job. They went over the pay and the schedule, and everything was perfect! He will be working Monday through Friday 8-5 for training (about 3 weeks) then he will work any time form 7am -7pm!!!

Congrats Babe, I love you so much!!!!!


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