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Crisis in my family has everyone not wanting to pick up the phone when it rings. My sister is always better at puting things in to words than I am. She did a great blog that describes everthing that is going on right now in my family…

First off my step mom is going in for surgury on Friday (4/3/09) to have part of her tongue removed and have a biopsy done on it. We dont know what it is but the dr. want to take it out now. When we get some updated info on how it when I will post it.

My BIL’s grandfather had to have a pace maker put in… he was taken to the hospitalk on Tuesday…. (As of now I think that he is doing a lot better)

Then my sisters BOL’s father was found dead on Wednsday. Read the Story for more info…

This is the hardest thing for me to talk about… My Aunt has been missing since March 21 about 1:30 pm MST. She is from NC. She has 4 kinds and a great husband ov over 10 years.  She worked at the jail where a double homicide suspect was being held since August, while awaiting his trial. They will be featuring this on America’s Most Wanted with in the next week or so. We are all lost and confused and don’t know where to go from here… Please keep the Blythe, and Vestal family in your prayers…

Anita, Please come home! We love and miss you very much!


It is all gone!!!

OMGosh It has taken me for ever to get this all taken care of…

On October 24th I started posting about this darn “Sty” that I had on my eye.  I did everything that I could to help it go away. When I finaly could not stand it any more and in the end of December I went to the  eye DR. he told me that I would need to go to my family DR if it was not gone with in 2 weeks. He sent me home with some meds. and some treatments to do at home (all of them I had been doing for almost 2 months).

In the end of January I went to my family Dr. He looked at it and said that I needed to see a “Eye Lid Speshalist” and have it removed. So I called the number he gave me and set up an appointment. They were not able to get me in until March 2 at 8am.

When I got to the appointment the Dr. said that it was not a “Sty” it was “Chalazion” (A chalazion is a lump in the eyelid. Chalazia (plural) may look like styes, but they are usually larger.)

The mornin gof March 2 this is what my eye looked like…


I dont want to go in to detail on how the surgary went, but it was okay… I did passout when it was all over but my sister Marie (she  is small) was able to stop me from falling on the floor… THANKS MARIE

About 4 hours later this is what my eye looked like….


Oh my goodness was I hurting so very bad… On tuesday morning it looked like this…


It is getting so much better. On Wedensday when I finaly got to go back to work it looked like this….


And today it lookes even better! I am so happy that it is gone, I dont have to deal with these issues any more!!!


It looks so good I am so happy!!!