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Update about Andy

Hello again Family and Friends,

Andy’s surgery went okay… A lot longer then any one had anticipated. We got to the hospital at 6:15am on 6/25. We expected it to be over with in 3 hours of him going in the OR. Andy ended up being in the OR for almost 6 hours. Dr. Richie said that his nerves were pinched so much worse that expected so they had to go extremely slow and very careful. Then they took him in to Recovery and we were told that it would be about an hour or so and we would be able to be with him again… almost 3 hours later the brought him in to his room. Andy had an extremely hard time waking up and they had to watch his breathing because he keep dropping in to the low 70’s (anything under 90 is not very good).

Dr. Richie said that everything had gone very well and he was happy at the turn out. He said that Andy should be able to get up and walk a bit that night… Andy was having extremely bad pains in his legs and was not able to get out of bed. We found out that it was because his nerves had been pinched so bad for so long and Dr. Richie had to “wake them back up”. Andy was able to get out of bad and stand next to his bed on Friday, but was still not able to was due to pain. Friday night Andy was in a lot of pain so we called Grandpa Grass and one of Andy’s best friends Jose to come over and give him a blessing. It was such an amazing blessing. ( I cried but remember I am a baby LOL)

By Saturday he was able to walk from his bed to the bathroom, but by the time he got to the bathroom (about 10 steps away) he was hurting so bad he was still not able to leave his room. The nurses and Dr. Richie decided that Andy would need to stay in the hospital a bit longer.

On Sunday morning 2 Brothers and 2 Sisters from the Hospital Branch came to give us the Sacrament. I have never had that happen before. It was such an amazing experience and the Spirit was so strong that I again cried… Andy was able to walk to the bathroom a lot better Sunday, but still not able to walk out of the room. So they decided that Monday morning about 10am he could go home! We were so excited to be able to go home, but very scared because he has still having a lot of pain.

Andy asked Jose to come and help him get in the house because we have stairs and he knew that he was going to need help getting up them. I asked my brother-in-law if he could come over and help out also. When we got home we had 4 guys at the house waiting to help him in the house! It was so great to see how much people cared and were there to help us out. Andy has been laying in his recliner ever since. He is able to get up to use the restroom, but has to have help. Andy’s mom Peggy is going to be staying with us during the week for about 3 weeks to help Andy out.

On Wednesday Andy started having pains in his calf. He called Dr. Richie as he was instructed to do when he was in the hospital. Dr. Richie told Andy that he needed to go to the nearest ER immediately and have them do an Ultrasound to see if he had a blood clot. We were very lucky to find out that he did not have a clot at this time, but that we needed to keep watching his legs for any signs of more pain, discoloring, swelling, for numbness.

Andy is doing very well; we thank everyone for praying for him and also coming to see him in the hospital. You guys made the long 5 day stay in the hospital better for the both of us. Andy would still like to have people come and visit him at home as he is not able to leave the house yet. If you would like to give him a call or text him that would be great also! Again thank you so very much for praying and please keep it up as he is still not out of the woods for clots and infections.