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We got to go on the PEAK family trip this past weekend. OMGosh it was so much fun! I love spending time with my family; we always stay up way late and play all kinds of games!

As Andy and I were driving to Grandmas house we saw this guy, I could not stop laughing at his racing gloves that he had on… LOL

Wolf Creek Trip 028

We got to Grandmas and got the cars packed, when everyone got there (Marie and Kenn, Steven and his family and Andy and I) we all went to Grandma and Grandpa Greats grave site. I have not been there in almost 3 years:

Wolf Creek Trip 030Wolf Creek Trip 036

We also put flowers on Aunt Marjorie, and Joe’s grave sites:

Wolf Creek Trip 035

Wolf Creek Trip 037

I thought that these froggies were so cute:

Wolf Creek Trip 044

When we got to the resort we pulled out the camping chairs and hung out in the living room and did what we all do best (LOL) talk!

Wolf Creek Trip 047Wolf Creek Trip 048

We talked for hours and also played games until WAY late Friday night. We got to play Phase 10 Twist. I have never played it before and I am now hooked! Andy and I will buy that game. Then Saturday morning Andy and I went fishing. It was a lot of fun hanging out relaxing looking at the beautiful view:

Wolf Creek Trip 067

Wolf Creek Trip 053

Andy and I right before my cell phone took a dip in the water… I was so sad!

Wolf Creek Trip 055

After fishing we went back to the resort and got in our swim suits and went to the pool with my uncle, aunt and their kids. We were only at the pool for about 20ish min when they closed the pool because of thunder. We found my other Aunt and Uncle and stat and talked to them. My Uncles and cousins played Soccer and Horse Shoes:

Wolf Creek Trip 069

Andy and I got to hang out with my youngest cousin Jace, he loved playing with Andy. They made up riddles, and played all kinds of games. I love watching Andy play with kids, I know he is going to be a great dad when we have kids!

Wolf Creek Trip 073

We got back to the room and played games again until about midnight! Then Andy and I went up to the bed room where Kenn and Marie were. We all stayed up and chatted and hung out even later:

Wolf Creek Trip 074Wolf Creek Trip 075

Wolf Creek Trip 077Wolf Creek Trip 080

Sunday we got up and went to church, then came back and took a nap then play Wii. It was fun watching Uncle Steven, Andy, Gray, Kenn and Jace playing Wii. I even played it bit… I did a boxing challenge and boxing lesson. I lost to Gray…(yep he’s 9)

Wolf Creek Trip 083Wolf Creek Trip 084

Monday Andy and I got up early so that we could get home and go to a BBQ with Jose and his family. We took some pictures on the drive home:

Wolf Creek Trip 086Wolf Creek Trip 091

By the time this weekend was over we were pooped!

Wolf Creek Trip 007


PeaceLoveMom Giveaway

Today is like Giveaway day! I found another great giveaway, check this one out!

It is for PeaceLoveMom, I know that I am not a mom yet (we are still working on that part) but I really the shirts that they have!

Their motto is:

We believe in motherhood. Mothers have a unique style. We believe that motherhood does not define us, but that we define it. Mothers are heart and soul.

We believe that motherhood is life’s most precious work.
Mothers are rewarded with the love and respect of their children.
We believe in celebrating this meaningful and challenging job.
Mothers are lucky 24/7.

We believe in our children’s future.
Mothers are passionate about that future.
We believe that our world’s future is our children.
Mothers are insightful and wise.

We believe in the bond of motherhood.
Motherhood is uniting.
We believe in communicating that bond through messages of love and happiness.
Mothers are tried and true.

We believe that motherhood is empowering. Motherhood is inspiring. We believe in a true collaboration and celebration of motherhood. Mothers are proud to be mom.

What a great motto! ThreeP’s in a Pod is doing a great giveawa, take a look and let them know what you think of it! PeaceLoveMom Giveaway

And the winner is…

A random number was picked and the winner is . . .

Sherry! Congratulations Sherry!

Thank you everyone for your participation. This turned out to be a great contest with lots of response. I will definitely be doing more contests for all you loyal readers.

We are still waiting for the cat’s name to be chosen by Kiera and Tyan. I have given them all of the names. When they chose a name I will announce it here, and possibly reward a 2nd winner!!!

First contest-Name Silly Kitty!!!

My cousin has a kitten and they do not have a name yet… they have had him for a month and a half and they still don’t have a name…

This is from my cousin…

“So Tyan and I got a kitten a month ago and still haven’t named the little guy. If anyone can think of something unique and cool let me know. This is my last resort. If we can’t think of a name for him he’s always gonna be known as just plain ole kitty. And I think Kitty sounds kind of girly”

We are goin to turn this in to a contest!!! This is how it is going to work…

1. Make a post about the contest, link it to my blog, tell me about your post and get one entry.

2. Leave me a comment with a great and unique name suggestion, get one entry.

3. Send me an email with a great and unique name suggestion, and get one entry.

This means you can have up to three separate entries.(if you post a comment and you e-mail for another entry, you have to send me 2 different names).

Two prizes will possibly be given out.

First prize will be randomly selected from all entrys.

Possible second prize will be given out if my cousin picks the name you suggest.

All entry’s are due by midnight MST Halloween night (10/31/08). The first winner will be announced by noon MST Monday November 3, 2008.

I did forget to let everyone know what the prize will be… The first prize will be a candle set and the second one (if awarded) will be a $15 gift card or PayPal. (choice of the winner)

If you have any questions please let me know.