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We got to go on the PEAK family trip this past weekend. OMGosh it was so much fun! I love spending time with my family; we always stay up way late and play all kinds of games!

As Andy and I were driving to Grandmas house we saw this guy, I could not stop laughing at his racing gloves that he had on… LOL

Wolf Creek Trip 028

We got to Grandmas and got the cars packed, when everyone got there (Marie and Kenn, Steven and his family and Andy and I) we all went to Grandma and Grandpa Greats grave site. I have not been there in almost 3 years:

Wolf Creek Trip 030Wolf Creek Trip 036

We also put flowers on Aunt Marjorie, and Joe’s grave sites:

Wolf Creek Trip 035

Wolf Creek Trip 037

I thought that these froggies were so cute:

Wolf Creek Trip 044

When we got to the resort we pulled out the camping chairs and hung out in the living room and did what we all do best (LOL) talk!

Wolf Creek Trip 047Wolf Creek Trip 048

We talked for hours and also played games until WAY late Friday night. We got to play Phase 10 Twist. I have never played it before and I am now hooked! Andy and I will buy that game. Then Saturday morning Andy and I went fishing. It was a lot of fun hanging out relaxing looking at the beautiful view:

Wolf Creek Trip 067

Wolf Creek Trip 053

Andy and I right before my cell phone took a dip in the water… I was so sad!

Wolf Creek Trip 055

After fishing we went back to the resort and got in our swim suits and went to the pool with my uncle, aunt and their kids. We were only at the pool for about 20ish min when they closed the pool because of thunder. We found my other Aunt and Uncle and stat and talked to them. My Uncles and cousins played Soccer and Horse Shoes:

Wolf Creek Trip 069

Andy and I got to hang out with my youngest cousin Jace, he loved playing with Andy. They made up riddles, and played all kinds of games. I love watching Andy play with kids, I know he is going to be a great dad when we have kids!

Wolf Creek Trip 073

We got back to the room and played games again until about midnight! Then Andy and I went up to the bed room where Kenn and Marie were. We all stayed up and chatted and hung out even later:

Wolf Creek Trip 074Wolf Creek Trip 075

Wolf Creek Trip 077Wolf Creek Trip 080

Sunday we got up and went to church, then came back and took a nap then play Wii. It was fun watching Uncle Steven, Andy, Gray, Kenn and Jace playing Wii. I even played it bit… I did a boxing challenge and boxing lesson. I lost to Gray…(yep he’s 9)

Wolf Creek Trip 083Wolf Creek Trip 084

Monday Andy and I got up early so that we could get home and go to a BBQ with Jose and his family. We took some pictures on the drive home:

Wolf Creek Trip 086Wolf Creek Trip 091

By the time this weekend was over we were pooped!

Wolf Creek Trip 007


Gordon Alma Brown

I would like to update the information to the post that I did a few days ago about the accident that Andy and I saw.

I did not know Mr. Brown or his family, but my heart is going out to the Brown family once again.  Here is Mr. Brown’s Obituary, and from reading it Mr. Brown really lead a very full and wonderful life.

Rest in Peace.

Mr. Gordon Alma Brown

My heart goes out to the Brown family.

On Saturday evening after my family left my house, Andy and I went over to the Sprint Store to get our phone numbers ported over from T-mobile to Sprint.  We were at the store for about 30-45 min.

When we left we heard police sirens and saw police lights. we took of going southbound. There was about 5-6 cop cars, 2 ambulances, 1 fire truck, 1 fire suv, and one cop suv, that passed us. We could not see what was going on but we knew that something bad had to have happened.  We decided to go to Arctic Circle to get some ice cream. When we were sitting in the drive through one of the kids that work there ran outside to see what was going on. He came back and told us that he could not see what was going on but could see the fire truck sitting in the middle of the road.

Andy and I decided to go to the area of the accident because we lived by the light. As we got up to the light there was a cop that was directing traffic. He directed us to turn right at the light. We then turned left in to a parking lot right next to the accedent. As we drove through the parking lot I could not see any cars that may have been in an accident. As I look to my left I see a white sheet layed on the ground. I just about started crying at that moment I knew what had happened. My heart fell and my eyes started to water. Andy looked at me and said “I love you” and put his hand on my lap.

I dont even know what to say… Right after Christmas, why did this man have to die? I have found some of the news articals. If you would like to read one of them here is the link… Gordon Alma Brown Daily Herald, or Gordon Alma Brown The Salt Lake Tribune

She Never Cried In Front Of Me

She Never Cried In Front Of Me
She Never Cried In Front Of Me

Toby Keith
She Never Cried In Front Of Me

It’s 7:35
She’s someone else’s wife
And I can get on with my life
And that thrills me
She married him today
Her daddy gave the bride away
I heard a tear rolled down her face
And that kills me
‘cuz now I, can see why
She’s finally crying

How was I supposed to know
She was slowly lettin’ go
If I was puttin’ her through hell
Hell – I couldn’t tell
She could’ve given me a sign
And opened up my eyes
How was I supposed to see
She never cried in front of me

Yeah maybe I might’ve changed
It’s hard for me to say
But the story’s still the same
And it’s a sad one
And I’ll always believe
If she ever did cry for me
They were tears that you can’t see
You know the bad ones
And now I, can see why
She’s finally crying

How was I supposed to know
She was slowly lettin’ go
If I was puttin’ her through hell
Hell – I couldn’t tell
She could’ve given me a sign
And opened up my eyes
How was I supposed to see
She never cried in front of me

Without a doubt, I know now
How it oughta be
Cuz she’s gone and it’s wrong
And it bothers me
Tomorrow I’ll still be asking myself

How was I supposed to know
She was slowly lettin’ go
If I was puttin’ her through hell
Hell – I couldn’t tell
She could’ve given me a sign
And opened up my eyes
How was I supposed to see

How was I supposed to see
She never cried in front of me
well – I couldn’t tell

In loving memory of …

I would like to ask for prays for a very good frined of my family. This past week they found their son in his Nephi home.  He had passed away.

Please keep the White family in your prays, They are such a great family going throught a horible tragity. If you would like to leave a comment for the family please do, I will print them off and give them all to them at the end of the week.

Here is a link to the obituary:

Christopher Vard White

Grandpa Richard

I found out today that my Grandma form NC will be coming with her husband.

I will also be able to fell my Grandpa Richard again. It has been some time now since I have felt him around me… I am very happy to be able to fell him around again, I know that he will be very happy that I am getting sealed in the Temple…

Grandpa I miss you and love you very much! I hope that you are having fun up there in heaven with

Update on Katelynn Melissa Redmond

I went to the Funeral today.  It was an amazing services. You could fell the love and the happiness that she gave to every one that was around her when she was with her family.

Ben gave the Invocation, then when 2 of her older sisters when up there to do the Eulogy, they did such a good job. They talked about the good time they had with her, the fun times they had and also the things that they will miss the most.  One of the things that I remember the most about there story’s was the one about how Katelynn was a great alarm clock, she would stand at the top of the stairs and yell out each one of her sisters and brother name. It was at like 6AM. When they were telling the story they said that now they have to have an alarm clock that just beeps and they don’t like it. It was funny. Then they had a friend of the family say a few things. They had all of Katelynn’s sisters and her brother and some other kids sing “I Am A Child of God”. It was so great the hear the words of the song and to hear the love that they all had for there sister.  Ben when back up and did a talk. WOW that blew me away with his talk. It was a very good talk for all of us to hear. He read out of the Book of Mormon and out of the Bible, both had such strong spirits come form the readings.  Last person to speak was Jen, on and I cried, my mom cried, I don’t think that there was a person in the building that did not cry.

I cant even imagen having to plan a funeral for a child. I am amazed that they were able to do it so fast. It was beautiful.

Katelynn you will be loved and miss by all people. You had such a short life time but it was so full and happy!

My heart goes out!

My heart goes out to one of my best friends in the world.

I have just found out that her 16-month-old niece passed away unexpectedly on Thursday afternoon.  She was killed when a minivan backed over her.  She had been playing in her gated yard when she got out and ran behind the van as it was backing out. She was so young and so sweet.

Please add her family in your prays… KMR will be greatly missed and loved always!

Here is the link with all of the info for Katelynn Melissa Redmond …