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We got to go on the PEAK family trip this past weekend. OMGosh it was so much fun! I love spending time with my family; we always stay up way late and play all kinds of games!

As Andy and I were driving to Grandmas house we saw this guy, I could not stop laughing at his racing gloves that he had on… LOL

Wolf Creek Trip 028

We got to Grandmas and got the cars packed, when everyone got there (Marie and Kenn, Steven and his family and Andy and I) we all went to Grandma and Grandpa Greats grave site. I have not been there in almost 3 years:

Wolf Creek Trip 030Wolf Creek Trip 036

We also put flowers on Aunt Marjorie, and Joe’s grave sites:

Wolf Creek Trip 035

Wolf Creek Trip 037

I thought that these froggies were so cute:

Wolf Creek Trip 044

When we got to the resort we pulled out the camping chairs and hung out in the living room and did what we all do best (LOL) talk!

Wolf Creek Trip 047Wolf Creek Trip 048

We talked for hours and also played games until WAY late Friday night. We got to play Phase 10 Twist. I have never played it before and I am now hooked! Andy and I will buy that game. Then Saturday morning Andy and I went fishing. It was a lot of fun hanging out relaxing looking at the beautiful view:

Wolf Creek Trip 067

Wolf Creek Trip 053

Andy and I right before my cell phone took a dip in the water… I was so sad!

Wolf Creek Trip 055

After fishing we went back to the resort and got in our swim suits and went to the pool with my uncle, aunt and their kids. We were only at the pool for about 20ish min when they closed the pool because of thunder. We found my other Aunt and Uncle and stat and talked to them. My Uncles and cousins played Soccer and Horse Shoes:

Wolf Creek Trip 069

Andy and I got to hang out with my youngest cousin Jace, he loved playing with Andy. They made up riddles, and played all kinds of games. I love watching Andy play with kids, I know he is going to be a great dad when we have kids!

Wolf Creek Trip 073

We got back to the room and played games again until about midnight! Then Andy and I went up to the bed room where Kenn and Marie were. We all stayed up and chatted and hung out even later:

Wolf Creek Trip 074Wolf Creek Trip 075

Wolf Creek Trip 077Wolf Creek Trip 080

Sunday we got up and went to church, then came back and took a nap then play Wii. It was fun watching Uncle Steven, Andy, Gray, Kenn and Jace playing Wii. I even played it bit… I did a boxing challenge and boxing lesson. I lost to Gray…(yep he’s 9)

Wolf Creek Trip 083Wolf Creek Trip 084

Monday Andy and I got up early so that we could get home and go to a BBQ with Jose and his family. We took some pictures on the drive home:

Wolf Creek Trip 086Wolf Creek Trip 091

By the time this weekend was over we were pooped!

Wolf Creek Trip 007


Vegas Babe Vegas Babe

We had so much fun in Vegas! We went to Vegas on Saturday and came home on Tuesday.  This was such a great get away. Andy and I both needed time away from the house and job searching.

On Friday night we went to a Basket ball game with Eric’s boys.


We had so much funwith the boys like we always do.  We went home and stated packing, we decided to go to be becasue we had to get up early to go to the AirPort.

We left the house about 6:15.Teresa drove us, then we went to my sisters to pick them up. When we got there Marie and Kenn brought out their stuff but then had to run back in 2 times. We got to the airport checked in and started going throught security. Andy has never been on a plane so it was so much fun seeing him and having him ask questions about what we needed to be doing.

As we were sitting waiting for the plane to come in we decided to take our first pictures of the trip!


When we got on the plane Andy and I were sitting in the back, Kenn and Marie we sitting in row 13 and Kristine was stitting in row 14.

Andy pulled out the camera and took some great videos of the take off…

Leaving Utah

and some good still shots….


When we got to the airport in Vegas there was such a funny sign, I dont know if I was to go in to get my bags or not…


We left the airport and went over to the car rental place. Kenn and Marie got in line to get a rental car. They got a Chrysler 300… it was so very nice. When we got in the radio was on and it was playing some hawaiian music. Kenn and Andy did the Hula… (click on the picture to see the video)


After we got the car, Kristine and Sue were in their car behind us,


On the way to the Hoover Dam Kenn and Andy were in the front, Maire and I were in the back…


We were able to take some amazing pictures!


As we wlooking at the water, Kramer found a lady to make eyes with… LOL


Here are some pictures of the Dam…


When we got to the condo Andy and Kenn started dancing around and acting like Kids, they were so funny! check out this video of Andy dancing

We went to the Stratosphere and all the kids but Andy, Nicole and I went on the rides… It was some much fun watching everyone.

Andy and I were so tired and ready to go to bed… We had been up since 5 AM and it was now almost midnight…


We sat up almost all night talking, it was so great to get to know Danielle, Nicole and Isaac.

The next morning we all layed around and just hung out. That evening we had a party for Kenn, Sue gave him a birthday card that sang the chicken dance… OMGosh it was so fun watching them do the dance…

This was one of the best trips I have taken!!! Love you all thank you so much for the fun times!!!

ER Last Night

So I have been sick since Sunday. My sister and husband have been trying to get me to go to the hospital because I have not been getting any better. I have been getting sicker and sicker. So yesterday Andy and I went to say hi to his mom and sister at the family reunion.  His sister is an RN and when she told me that I don’t just have a bug that I really need to go to the ER I decided to go….

So when Andy came back form shooting with his dad and brother in law I had him take me. We went to the ER at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. We were in the waiting room for about an hour or so then we went back to a room. I was in so much pain that I was rocking in my chair. The dr came in and talked to us for a bit then had a nurse come in and have me drink a GI Cocktail.  That was some NASTY stuff, but it maid my pain go away with in sec. But the scary thing was my throat stated to feel like it was closing… that scared me… Then the DR came back in and told me that the Cocktail had numb all on my insides and that is why I was not hurting and why my throat felt like that.  Then they had the big DR come in and tell me what was wrong… By this time I was not hurting any more I was happy and ready to go to sleep, but he told me that the meds work stop working with in about 10 min.  Well guess what they did… I was back to hurting. So he told me that I needed to stop eating Mike/Dairy, Spices, and Tomato’s for a little bit and that I would also need to take some Meds 4 times a day for 5 days… he promised that on the 2 full day of takin the pills I would feel better. I am only on day one pill one right now and I am felling a little bit better, I am still weak and tired, but it has been a very long week… So I should be better by Monday and be able to go back to work! I hope he is right!!!!!