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Things are looking up…

Andy has started working again, He is at Slash with me. He will be in training for Vonage for about 4 weeks then he will hit the floor and start taking calls. Andy is not liking the training, he wishes that they would learn more each day, he is ready to be on the floor making real money and he has only been in training for 4 days!

We have been looking at some houses, we would like to buy one… I don’t where we will buy one at. I would like to get one in Orem, Lindon, Pleasant Grove… some place like that or even in Murry or the area around. Since we both work in Salt Lake I don’t want to go in the direction of Provo any more than we are already.

Our Home Teacher came over last night and we talked for about 30 min. Bro. Diaz and his wife will be going to the temple on Feb. 21 and we are so happy for them.  They started getting ready about the same time Andy and I did. We wish them the best of luck, we will do what every they need help with!

Things are getting better around our house.  We are having time for just Andy and I. We are not having people stay with us or people comming over, we are just having time for us. This has been long needed and is working out great!

We have decided to plan a fun night, we are going to save us some money so that we can go to a Jazz game in January! We are going to have GREAT seats, we are going to go to a NICE dinner. We are going to have a LONG time comming date with just the 2 of us!

Well that is the updates for now… oh and last one, Andys sister Jenny had a baby on November 14. His name is Braden Joseph. Take a look at her blog and see some fun pictures of the family. Link

WOW, what a great ward

WOW… Look at what my ward did for me….

This morning when I got up that was in the front yard! It was so cute. I love it! I don’t know when someone put it there or who it was but I think it was form the RS in my ward.

This is the best ward I have ever been in. Because of the love and caring in this ward Andy and I have been able to feel like we are wanted and that someone cares if we are not there… When I was in the hospital in January they brought us food and helped Andy out with making things because I was not able to. This has just been so great. I am so thankful to God for helping us to find this house and helping us to go back to church and be able to prepared for the Temple.

Thank you to all the people that have helped us in so many ways!!!

One more month

Today is June 17… I will be 23 in one month form today…I feel like I am getting so old, I keep looking at my sister (she is 14) and see how she is growing up and how she is going through stuff just like I did and I am remembering when I did it all. I wish that I could tell her to stop doing things and tell her to not do that because I know how it will turn out. I cant… I know that she needs to learn things on her own and I should not step in on it.

I love my sister so much and just hope that she stays in the church more than what I did. I hope that she will see what I have gone through and she knows that it is better in every way to stay in the church and follow what they teach.

Love you sis!