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from the Redbox insider.

Who said Monday codes were totally dead?

This week we have a special code that is not only working today (Monday), but also on Tuesday. This code works at all McDonald’s Redbox locations. (No McDonald’s nearby? Try another code from the Redbox Codes page.)

The code is: RBXMCD1


More Redbox codes

I used MCDMEDVD the other night and it worked… SO I wanted to post some more. If you use a code please up date me on what you used and if it worked so that other people will know how they work.

Key: Working Great Possible Unlikely Unproven

MCD808 (McDonald’s) 09/20/08 (Sat)
DVDONME 09/20/08 (Sat)
BREAKROOM 09/20/08 (Sat)
MCDMEDVD (McDonald’s) 09/20/08 (Sat)
KELLOGGS26 09/20/08 (Sat)
2TRE12 09/20/08 (Sat)
WALMART (Walmart) 09/19/08 (Fri)
30LUCKY (Lucky’s) 09/19/08 (Fri)
DVDFORME 09/19/08 (Fri)
THX09 (McDonald’s/Iowa) 09/18/08 (Thu)
2THS48 09/16/08 (Tue)
WALGREENS (Walgreens) 09/16/08 (Tue)
THX904 (McDonald’s/Ohio) 09/15/08 (Mon)
REDBOX (New customers) 09/14/08 (Sun)
BIGMAC508 (McDonald’s) 09/13/08 (Sat)
MCSUMR808 (McDonald’s) 09/09/08 (Tue)
99ZA7Q (Monday Only) 09/08/08 (Mon)
SUMMER1 (Giant) 09/06/08 (Sat)